About XEMC Darwind

XEMC Darwind BV, established in 2009, is a Dutch turbine supplier in the multi megawatt class of wind turbines. XEMC Darwind BV operates from their premises in Hilversum, The Netherlands.

For the onshore market, we have 3 platforms available, all of them based on the permanent magnet, direct drive technology:

  • The 2MW XV90 platform, suitable for wind class 2
  • The onshore 4,5MW XD115 platform, suitable for wind class 1
  • The onshore 4MW XD137 platform, suitable for wind class 2

For the offshore market, we have a solution available in the 5MW XD115 platform.

Darwind took a fresh approach to the offshore wind energy market. Not only learning lessons from earlier developments in the sector but also incorporating specific industrial methodologies from other industries. With the lessons learned from earlier offshore developments and projects, Darwind also brings top quality to the onshore market. This in order to deliver a competitive commercial offer and product range including very competitive O&M offers during the lifetime of the product, resulting in a very attractive cost of energy.

Thus Darwind is enabled to answer the specific demands of a rapidly expanding and globally developing economic activity. Darwind has the philosophy to deliver high quality products to the market.

Offshore windturbines
Offshore windturbines
XD115 5MW Direct drive windturbine

Darwind's offshore dedicated 5MW direct drive wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 115m. 

Onshore Windturbines
Onshore Windturbines
XD137-4MW Direct drive windturbine

With the 137m rotor and 4MW nominal output the XD137 is Darwind's choice for medium windspeed locations.

XD115-4.5MW Direct drive windturbine

The XD115 is ideal for high wind speed locations. Its sealed design makes it optimal for near shore locations.


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